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Thank you for looking at Glove Puppetry courses.


We offer a range of glove puppetry courses both online and in person for adults or young people.

We offer courses for adults in professional glove puppet making and glove puppetry manipulation.


For children and young people we offer simple glove puppet making and play techniques to start performing with puppets.

All of our courses are provided by award winning puppeteers specifically qualified to a minimum of Honour Degree level in Puppetry.

All of our courses are bespoke so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

More about glove puppetry courses

Here is an example of an adult course in glove puppetry, however please do get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

To learn how to build a glove puppet using your own design and to go on to construct this puppet within the workshop and learn the basics of how to manipulate it.

Depending on your course length you may wish to focus on performance techniques and show development after only a short or basic course in making – please discuss this when organising your course.

Details of this puppet making course:

This is a mixed level course available to experienced puppet makers or to complete beginners. The course can be undertaken at any time of the year to suit your schedule providing that we have availability in ours!

Tuition is available on a one to one basis or for groups of adult learners. The course is suitable for adults over 18 years of age and can be taken in our extensive puppet making workshops in Wales or online with live tuition, either as part of a group or as a private course.

We are also able to come to run a workshop at your location if your prefer not to travel.

What you will learn and do on this puppet making course

You will learn how to design and build a glove puppet and, depending on how many days you opt to take the course, you will also learn to design and make your own glove puppet show.

The average time to make one glove puppet if you are having one to one tuition would be two days at our location in Wales, online course would of course take longer to ensure you do not get screen fatigue.

How many days your course lasts is up to you, please discuss your objectives when booking.

You can take the course at your own pace, whether you decide to work intensively and try to finish the puppet or puppet show over your course is up to you.

ALL TOOLS AND MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED if you are visiting our location.

Tea, coffee, juice and biscuits are available through the day if taking the course at our location.

Skills you will learn on the course:

How to design a puppet
Health and safety in a workshop environment
Safe use of tools
Guidance on use of tools
How to take your design from paper to turn it into a puppet
Puppet construction and making
Depending on your choice for the making of hands and head you will learn modeling, casting or carving.
Performance techniques and show development (depending on the length of the course)

Depending on how far you get with making your puppet you could also be tutored in general puppetry manipulation and performance, or you could have a course including more focussed work on glove puppetry performance.

This course can be completely tailored to your needs. Please email if you have any questions at all or would like to join a group online course booking in the future.


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