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Join award winning Brazilian puppeteer and maker, Fagner Gastaldon of PuppetSoup, and learn how to create and build a “Teatro Lambe Lambe” in this inspiring online puppetry course. 


Develop a unique and portable puppetry performance and construct a magical theatre box, miniature theatre world and fantastic micro puppets in this innovative puppetry workshop.

 'Teatro Lambe Lambe' Micro Puppet Theatre Course

Teatro Lambe Lambe is a wonderful form of Puppet Theatre originating from Brazil in South America. It is essentially a form of puppetry or shape animation that takes place inside a confined but easily transportable space, usually a box placed on a tripod that, normally, one spectator would watch at a time.

Each play or show is traditionally short, usually two to three minutes in length and a whole variety of techniques and tricks are used within these miniature theatres to offer spectators the full variety of puppet art, just on a smaller scale.

Teatro Lambe Lambe originated in Brazil and Fagner Gastaldon (founder of PuppetSoup) is recognised in Brazilian puppetry literature as the UK’s leader in this artform. He is one of the first recorded Teatro Lambe Lambe artists in the the UK and you will work alongside him to create your own Teatro Lambe Lambe puppet theatre.

More about this course

Objective of the Lambe Lambe Course:


To learn how to build a fully working “Teatro Lambe Lambe” from your own design and to go on to construct this theatre within the workshop and learn how to manipulate it.

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Details of this workshop:

This is a mixed level course available to experienced puppet makers or to complete beginners provided by award winning Puppeteer and expert in the Brazilian art of Teatro Lambe Lambe, Fagner Gastaldon of PuppetSoup.

The course can be undertaken as a private course at any time of the year to suit your schedule (providing that we have availability in ours!) or you can join our very popular group course that is provided online with live tuition in a small friendly group! Timings of the group course are suitable for those is the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and beyond, and the courses are always attended by a wide variety of learners from all countries and backgrounds.

Private tuition is available online or face to face for groups of adult learners or on a one to one basis if you are unable to attend the group course​.

The online course is fully comprehensive and offers learners from all locations around the world the chance to explore the wonderful art of Lambe Lambe theatre!

What you will learn and do


You will learn how to design and build a small scale theatre structure and, depending on your ability and how many days or weeks you opt to take the course, you will work on to finish the show ready to be performed.

The average time to make the basic theatre structure, puppets and scenery, if you are having one to one tuition, would be three full days of 8-10 hours, or if you are taking the online course we suggest around 20 hours of tuition. The friendly online group course consists of 8 days of 2-3 hours of live tuition, usually provided over weekends.


Of course, to make your Lambe Lambe performance ready will require plenty of rehearsal outside these times, however you will gain all the knowledge you need on this course to go on to perform successfully.

If you are having a private course, how many days your course lasts is up to you, so please discuss your objectives when booking. 

What is provided

If you are taking an online course, you will be provided with a comprehensive welcome letter and materials list ahead of the course starting.


If you are taking an in person course, we will provide all the tools and materials for the making of a basic theatre and puppets.​

Any additional highly specialist material that you may require for your project may not be covered so please discuss your ideas when booking.

We will offer assistance prior to the workshop to make sure you have everything you may need for your project.

Please bring your own mp3 player or some source to play music if you would like music for your show.

Tea, coffee, juice and biscuits are available through the day when taking the course at our location.

Skills you will learn on the course:

How to design a small scale theatre

How to design the scenery of your theatre

How to design small scale puppets and props

Health and safety in a workshop environment

Safe use of tools

Guidance on use of tools

How to take your design from paper to turn it into your theatre

Puppet construction and making

Depending on the style of your project you could be working with sculpture, carving and mechanism development.

This course can be completely tailored to your needs. Please email if you have any questions at all.

Face to face courses usually run from 11am - 6pm with up to an hour’s break for lunch.

Private online courses are run in smaller blocks and can be scheduled by negotiation.

Our friendly online group courses are usually run on weekends with 2-3 hours tuition each day in a small group.

A 3 day course at one of our locations for one person with exclusive one to one tuition in ‘Teatro Lambe Lambe’ is available however we would highly recommend our online group course which provides detailed tuition in a small friendly group allowing you to meet puppeteers and friends from all over the world whilst still benefitting from live tuition and teaching.

Through the online course you will have ongoing support between your lessons via message, private tutoring and email.​ We are always happy to help you create your puppetry dreams!

Longer courses, other locations and larger group bookings via online course or at our location is by negotiation.

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