Online Puppetry Courses

Many of our puppetry courses are available online! 


We offer both puppet making and puppetry performance workshops through online learning and training. 

Online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, with a schedule to suit you. 

They are fun, flexible and offer a full puppetry workshop experience from the comfort of your own location.

Online courses are taught by the five star, multi award winning Directors of PuppetSoup, who hold Honours Degrees specifically in Puppetry and have years of experience in both performing and teaching puppetry.


Our online puppetry courses, classes and workshops are available for adults and children, from complete beginners through to experienced professional puppeteers.

We ensure that your online puppetry course, class or workshop is delivered in staged and manageable lessons that prevent screen fatigue, whilst ensuring you learn everything you need to know, in the same way as face to face puppetry courses.


We are experienced providers of online courses and use blended learning techniques which allows courses to be varied, fun and engaging.


Puppetry Courses are available online for adults, children, school groups, community groups educational projects.  We provide classes online for all levels of puppeteers from complete beginners to experienced professionals.


We are available to offer talks and discussions at online events such as online puppetry festivals, seminars (or webinars) and also can offer lectures for universities remotely. 

Some of the puppetry courses and puppeteer learning resources we offer online include:

Online Puppetry Courses for Adults

Teatro Lambe Lambe - Making Course

Glove Puppetry Workshop - Making Course

Table Top Puppet (Few tools required!) - Making Course

Micro Marionette - Making Course

Crankies - Making Course

Teatro Lambe Lambe -  Talk, Lecture or Discussion

Animal Puppets - Making Course

Mask - Making Course

Online Puppetry Courses for Children

Children's Glove Puppets - Making Course

Children's Sock Puppets - Making Course

Children's Paper Cup Puppets - Making Course

Please email to book your online puppetry course!

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